Amelia Jane Again – Enid Blyton


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Meet Amelia Jane! She’s a (mischievous) Strong Independent rag doll and she’s about to enchant a whole new generation of readers! A collection of 13 classic fantastical short stories from the world’s best-loved children’s author, Enid Blyton.

Amelia Jane has an uncanny knack for getting herself into mischief and into trouble with the rest of the toys in the playroom – from hiding all the toys shoes in a mouse hole to letting Goldy the canary escape out of his cage to fly all around the nursery! But when the toys really need help, Amelia is always ready to save the day!

Short, entertaining and accessible stories make the Amelia Jane books perfect for bedtime reading and for newly independent readers of five and upwards. A charming and fun offering for grandparents and parents to share with the next generation of Blyton fans.