Barry Loser & The Holiday Of Doom Jim Smith



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Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning series, perfect for fans of Dennis the Menace, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, and Mr Gum. `My best friend Bunky is sort of like my pet dog, so it was weird when he suddenly started fancying a cat one day. Barry cant wait to tell his friends that theyve been invited on his family caravan holiday to Plonkton. But the weekend by the sea doesnt turn out to be the keelfest Barry was hoping for. Its all his best mate Bunkys fault for going and falling in love. OH. MY. UNKEELNESS! Have you got all of Jim Smiths amazekeel books? I am not a Loser I am still not a Loser I am so over being a Loser I am sort of a Loser Barry Loser and the holiday of doom Barry Loser and the case of the crumpled carton Barry Losers ultimate book of keelness Future Ratboy and the attack of the killer robot grannies Jim Smith is the keelest kids book author in the whole wide world amen. He graduated from art school with first class honours (the best you can get) and went on to create the branding for a sweet little chain of coffee shops. He also designs cards and gifts under the name Waldo Pancake.

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