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Nominated for the Costa Childrens Book Award The Noughts & Crosses series are still my favourite books of all time and showed me just how amazing story-telling could be STORMZY Malories Noughts & Crosses series is the first time I saw myself in a book . . . they were pacey, exciting, rich. What Malorie Blackman has always done so brilliantly is put the minority front and centre, both in society and politics. CANDICE CARTY-WILLIAMS The most original book Ive ever read BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH Malorie Blackman is absolutely amazing … [Noughts & Crosses] really spoke to me, especially as a woman of dual heritage. ZAWE ASHTON Crossfire is searing, political and furious. Malories world building is sublime and the way the Noughts & Crosses series holds a mirror up to society is unrivalled JUNO DAWSON _____ Years have passed since the love between Sephy – a Cross – and Callum – a Nought – destroyed their world and changed their families and society forever. Society appears to be very different now. For the first time ever, a Nought Prime Minister – Tobey Durbridge – is in power. Race and class dont divide people anymore. But things are never really that easy. Because Tobeys just been framed for murder, and the only way to free himself is to turn to his oldest friend – Callie-Rose. Their families divisions run deep, and when two young people are kidnapped, their lives and everything theyve fought for are put in the firing line. And when youre playing a game as dangerous as this one, it wont be long before someone gets caught in the crossfire… Crossfire is the long-awaited new novel in legendary author Malorie Blackmans ground-breaking Noughts & Crosses series. Rich in moral and social issues, it is devastating about racial attitudes THE SUNDAY TIMES, CHILDRENS BOOK OF THE WEEK It chillingly echoes the tempestuous taste of the world today while offering the intensity of a thriller I NEWSPAPER

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