Dracul – Dacre Stoker


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It is 1868, and a 22-year-old Bram Stoker has locked himself inside an abbey’s tower to face off against a vile and ungodly beast. He is armed with mirrors and crucifixes and holy water and a gun – and is kept company by a bottle of plum brandy. His fervent prayer is that he will survive this one night – a night that will prove to be the longest of his life. Desperate to leave a record of what he has witnessed, the young man scribbles out the events that brought him to this point – and tells an extraordinary tale of childhood illness, a mysterious nanny, and stories once thought to be fables now proven true. A riveting, heart-stoppingly scary novel of Gothic suspense, ‘Dracul’ reveals not only the true origins of Dracula himself, but also of his creator, Bram Stoker – and of the elusive, enigmatic woman who connects them.