Fabio World Great Flamingo Det Peril Liz Laura James



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Zany … Even reluctant readers will have a blast IRISH TIMES In a small town on the banks of Lake Laloozee lives Fabio, the worlds greatest flamingo detective. Hes not tall or strong, but slight and pink. And hes very, very clever … Most of the time. But when an unusual lapse of judgement leads Fabio to accept a ride in his associate Gilberts plane, little does he know hell be nose-diving into a new mystery! When the tiny plane crash-lands near a remote village in the savannah, all Fabio wants is a pink lemonade to calm his nerves. But the town well has dried up, and the water didnt just disappear on its own! Fabios on the case, and its going to take a daring sting operation to set things right. The third book in the hilarious and stylish illustrated mystery series from the author of Captain Pug.

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