Golden Lads: A Study of Anthony Bacon, Francis and Their Friends Maurier Daphne Du



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Prior to the publication of this biography, the elusive Anthony Bacon was merely glimpsed in the shadow of his famous younger brother, Francis. A fascinating historical figure, Anthony Bacon was a contemporary of the brilliant band of gallants who clustered round the court of Elizabeth I, and he was closely connected with the Queens favourite, the Earl of Essex. He also worked as an agent for Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queens spymaster, living in France where he became acquainted with Henri IV and the famous essayist Michel de Montaigne. It was in France that du Maurier discovered a secret that, if disclosed during Bacons lifetime, could have put an end to his political career . . . Du Maurier did much to shed light on matters that had long puzzled historians, and, as well as a consummate exercise in research, this biography is also a strange and fascinating tale. A landmark book on a much-neglected figure, containing ground-breaking research . . . Vintage du Maurier – a page-turner, and a thundering good read! – Lisa Jardine

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