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With a cast including Emma Fielding, Ray Fearon and Terence Stamp, these BBC Radio 4 full-cast adaptations of the award-winning ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy span a multitude of worlds. Mixing science, theology and magic to fantastic and exciting effect, Pullman’s gripping trilogy was an international bestseller, and these thrilling full-cast dramatisations bring Philip Pullman’s masterpiece to vivid life.

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All three BBC radio dramatisations of the bestselling fantasy trilogy – plus bonus material

A breathtaking epic spanning multiple worlds, His Dark Materials follows the adventures of Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, two children catapulted into a life-or-death struggle to save the future of the Cosmos.

In Northern Lights, 11-year-old Lyra discovers dark forces at work involving kidnapped children and a mysterious substance called ‘Dust’. With her shape-shifting daemon, Pantalaimon, she leaves her Oxford college home and embarks on a dangerous journey to the frozen North, aided by armoured bears, Gyptians and a witch-queen?

The Subtle Knife sees 12-year-old Will finding an opening into the haunted world of Cittàgazze, where daemon-destroying Spectres roam. There he meets Lyra, and together they acquire the most powerful weapon in all the universes – an object many would kill to possess.

In The Amber Spyglass, a colossal war is brewing in Heaven, and Lyra and Will have been separated. They must find each other and journey onward – even into the World of the Dead?

These thrilling dramatisations feature an all-star cast, including Lulu Popplewell, Terence Stamp, Bill Paterson, Kenneth Cranham and Adrian Scarborough.

Also included is a bonus documentary, World Book Club, in which Philip Pullman answers readers’ questions about Northern Lights.

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