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Improvement is a major work of literature. – Nick Hornby, The Believer Reyna knows her relationship with Boyd isnt perfect, yet as she visits him throughout his three-month stint in prison, their bond grows tighter. Kiki, now settled in New York after a journey that took her to Turkey and around the world, admires her nieces spirit but worries that she always picks the wrong man. Little does she know that the otherwise honourable Boyd is pulling Reyna into a scheme which violates his probation. When Reyna ultimately decides to remove herself for the sake of her four-year-old child, her small act of resistance sets into motion a tapestry of events that affect the lives of loved ones and strangers around them. A novel that examines conviction, connection and the possibility of generosity in the face of loss, Improvement is as intricately woven together as Kikis beloved Turkish rugs and as colourful as the tattoos decorating Reynas body, with narrative twists and turns as surprising and unexpected as the lives all around us. The Boston Globe says of Joan Silber No other writer can make a few small decisions ripple across the globe, and across time, with more subtlety and power. Improvement is Silbers most shining achievement yet.

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