Ingo Chronicles Ingo Helen Dunmore


The first in an amazing Cornish series by Helen Dunmore.

Set in St Ives and the local area (although they’ve changed the names slightly) this is a contemporary story which loosely incorporates the local legend of the mermaid of Zennor.

Helen’s engaging and descriptive writing really draws you into the world of Ingo – a world under the surface of the sea where the Mer exist unknown to humans.

A brother and sister both find their way there though and discover the answer to the mystery of their fisherman father’s disappearance.

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Stunning reissue, in beautiful new cover-look, of this magical and award-winning novel – the first of the spellbinding Ingo Chronicles… Once there was a man who fell in love with a mermaid. He swam down into the sea to be with her, and was never seen again… Sapphires father told her that story when she was little. When he is lost at sea she cant help but think of that old myth: shes convinced hes still alive. Then, the following summer, Sapphy meets Faro, an enigmatic and intriguing Mer boy. Diving down into Ingo, she discovers a world she never knew existed, where she must let go of all her Air thoughts and embrace the sea… But not only is Sapphy intoxicated by the Mer world, she longs to see her father once more. And shes sure she can hear him singing across the water: “I wish I was away in Ingo Far across the briny sea…”

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