Gill is a brilliant chef/restaurateur and terrific raconteur too. This very readable book has recipes for everything from pickles to cured meats for the ambitious home cook. – Sunday Times Larder is set to change the way the world looks at and enjoys British food. Robins recipes will take the reader on a journey discovering forgotten techniques that once were the backbone of the British cooks skills, achieving startling fresh and modern ways with plate and palate. In the same way that Ottolenghi has defined a new way of celebrating Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines and their ingredients so too Robin Gill has revolutionised the way British food is cooked and enjoyed, with his philosophy of using classic techniques to produce bold new recipes. Absolute freshness and seasonality is at the heart of his cooking. Game, when is in season, is a hero of his menus, and in spring the fruits of his city kitchen gardens attached to each of his restaurants provide produce for the tables, jars and bottles that adorn each of his destinations. Curing, fermenting and pickling are very much to the fore linked hand in hand with an unfettered philosophy of nose to tail, tail to gill and root to bloom. In Robins own words: I want to share my techniques and prove that a more traditional cooking method is perfectly achievable in any home but the rewards and possibilities are endless. Bread, charcuterie, vegetable ferments, chutneys, pickles, curing and smoking are but a few techniques that you will learn that dont require a countryside location to achieve a healthy larder – which in turn will become your secret weapon in creating some inspiring dishes. What we are doing is nothing new but its how we piece everything together, and this is what I believe to be the start of a new wave in modern cooking and the birth of the modern bistro. This new book is a true reflection of Robins ethos and brings his unique recipes to readers home kitchens. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning photography by Paul Winch-Furness.

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