Fascinating. Mudlarks are river scavengers, but Lara Maiklem is more like a time traveller Guardian Mudlark (/mAdla;k/) noun A person who scavenges for usable debris in the mud of a river or harbour Lara Maiklem has scoured the banks of the Thames for nearly twenty years, in pursuit of the objects the river unearths: from Neolithic flints to Roman hairpins, medieval buckles to Tudor buttons, Georgian clay pipes to Victorian toys. What began as a search for solitude came to reveal the story of a city, its people and their lost ways of life. *The No. 2 Sunday Times bestseller and the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, now with full colour images* Enchanting . . . I am quite tempted to join Maiklem on the riverbed looking for treasure Sunday Times No one has looked at these odd corners since Sherlock Holmes Sunday Telegraph A quirky and delightful read, wonderfully evocative of Londons gloopy, ghost-haunted river Daily Mail Reveals to us the fascinating and poignant micro-world of Londons history Hallie Rubenhold, Baillie Gifford Prize-winning author of The Five

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