My Day With the Panye – Tami Charles


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Fallon is going to the market with Manman. She ties her hair in a sun-yellow mouchwa, and places the panye carefully on her head. Fallon’s toes tingle, she takes few few steps towards the door, and, BOOM!, the panye falls on the floor. ‘Little by little the bird builds its nest,’ Manman says, ‘not everything is learned fast.’ As they walk past colourful walls under swirls of blue, cloudless sky, Manman carries the panye still on her head, graceful and strong. At the market, they buy their dinner, filling the panye with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Then, as the sun dances across the sky, it’s time to go home, and time for Fallon to try once again to carry the panye. Will she be able to hold her head, graceful and strong, like Manman?