Naughtiest Girl 2 Naughtiest Girl Again Enid Blyton



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In Enid Blytons bestselling school series Elizabeth Allen is sent away to boarding school and makes up her mind to be the naughtiest pupil theres ever been. In book two, Elizabeth Allen – naughtiest girl in the school – is trying to be good. But someone wants to spoil things for her. And theyre not going to let her forget how she got her nickname! Between 1940 and 1952, Enid Blyton wrote four novels about Naughtiest Girl, Elizabeth Allen. This edition contains the original text. Both cover and inside illustrations were created by Kate Hindley in 2014. Bonus material: A rare, complete serial story about a very special school. An interview with Enid Blyton about her school days. Enid Blytons experiences as a teacher. A timeline of the authors life. Photos from Enid Blytons younger days.

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