Not If I Save You First Ally Carter



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Dear Logan, Someday Im going to write a book: How Not to Die in Alaska – A Girls Guide to Fashionable Survival. I bet you dont know that a hair pin can make an excellent fishing hook. You may think you can use just any kind of mud for mud masks, but trust me, you CANT! In a pinch, nothing starts a fire like nail polish remover. Alaska is tough. You might know this, if you ever replied to my letters. After Maddies Secret Service dad takes a bullet for the president, he takes Maddie somewhere he thinks theyll be safe – far away from the White House and the presidents son, Logan. But when Logan comes to Alaska, so does the danger. If theres one thing Alaska has taught Maddie, its how to survive. And now her best friends life depends on it … An edge-of-your-seat thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Gallagher Girls