Part-time Vegan: Easy, delicious vegan recipes to make your diet healthier Sarah Flower



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Many people are intrigued by the current trend for veganism. This book is for all those who want to have a go – whether its simply to improve their diet or lighten the load on the planet – but who dont have the time or the inclination to follow a vegan diet full time. There are numerous glossy vegan cookbooks (and authors) extolling the benefits of everything from making nut milks to replicating the taste of cheese. This book is different. The recipes in The Part-time Vegan are straightforward, feature readily available ingredients and are, of course, delicious, because they are based on the best simple, natural flavours that nature has to offer. As well as providing recipes for midweek and weekend breakfasts, lunches and main meals, the book covers why being a part-time vegan is a great approach to health – when we balance vegan recipes with high-quality sources non-processed meat, fish and dairy. After all, variety is key to a healthy diet.

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