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There’s no such thing as a perfect family. This is a warm-hearted, funny and relatable debut novel about a year in the life of a blended family moving in together for the first time (with assorted pets and catastrophes) and trying to make a go of things.

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Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes.

Jo said goodbye to peace and quiet when she got pregnant at 19, but now she has a chance to hit refresh. A partner she loves, five amazing kids and a house by the sea. But life is never simple and there is more than a little emotional baggage coming along for the ride.

Starting with that tw*t of an ex-husband who doesn’t pull his weight. Then there’s the untrained puppy, the work/life balance, a custody battle for the children and all the everyday ups and downs and chaos of being a patchwork family.
Surrounded by family dramas and mums who seem to have all their sh*t together, Jo must find a way to make friends and make it work in this new town.

Barbecues on the beach and dog walks open up new conversations, but as Jo gets to know everyone better, the picture perfect families might be in need of more help than she first thought…

When normal is not an option, surprises can lead to a different kind of happy family.

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