Sapphire Widow: The Enchanting Richard & Judy Book Club Pick 2018 – Dinah Jefferies


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Louisa Reeve has it all: a charming, devilishly handsome husband with a successful business as a sapphire trader, a beautiful home in colonial Ceylon, a fledgling career of her own. Except for the one thing she longs for more than anything: a child. After the couple experience a number of devastating miscarriages, Louisa becomes increasingly frustrated by Elliot’s unexplained absences. When a tragic accident causes Elliot’s sudden death, Louisa, wracked by grief is left alone to solve the mystery he left behind. Why was he driving to Colombo on the day of his death and not out sailing as he claimed to be? Who are the threatening men turning up on her doorstep? When she finally discovers the shocking secret behind her marriage, Louisa’s world is turned upside down. Will she find the strength to piece together the truth and learn to live again?