Scenes from Prehistoric Life


A journey through the evolution of Britain’s prehistoric landscape, and an insight into the lives of its inhabitants, in fifteen scenes.

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An invigorating journey through Britain’s prehistoric landscape, and an insight into the lives of its inhabitants.

A Spectator Book of the Year

‘A highly compelling read’ Spectator

‘An evocative foray into the prehistoric past’ BBC Countryfile Magazine

‘Vividly relating what life was like in pre-Roman Britain’ Choice Magazine

In Scenes from Prehistoric Life, the distinguished archaeologist Francis Pryor paints a vivid picture of British and Irish prehistory, from the Old Stone Age (about one million years ago) to the arrival of the Romans in AD 43, in a sequence of fifteen chronologically arranged profiles of specific ancient landscapes. Whether writing about the early human family who trod the estuarine muds of Happisburgh in Norfolk c.900,000 BC, the craftsmen who built a wooden trackway in the Somerset Levels early in the fourth millennium BC, or the Iron Age denizens of Britain’s first towns, Pryor uses excavations and surveys to uncover the daily routines of our ancient ancestors.

Archaeology is transforming our knowledge of what it would have been like to live in Britain and Ireland in the time before the Romans. By revealing how our prehistoric forebears coped with both simple practical problems and more existential challenges, Francis Pryor offers remarkable insights into the long and unrecorded centuries of our early history, and a convincing, well-attested and movingly human portrait of prehistoric life as it was really lived.

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