Smart: A mysterious crime, a different detective Kim Slater



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Shortlisted for the Waterstones Childrens Book Prize, the Federation of Childrens Book Groups Prize and longlisted for the 2015 Carnegie Medal, Kim Slaters outstanding debut, Smart, is moving and compelling novel with a loveable character at its heart. I found Jeans friend dead in the river. His name was Colin Kirk. He was a homeless man, but he still wanted to live. Theres been a murder, but the police dont care. It was only a homeless old man after all. Kieran cares. Hes made a promise, and when you say something out loud, that means youre going to do it, for real. Hes going to find out what really happened. To Colin. And to his grandma, who just stopped coming round one day. Its a good job Kierans a master of observation, and knows all the detective tricks of the trade. But being a detective is difficult when youre Kieran Woods. When youre amazing at drawing but terrible at fitting in. And when there are dangerous secrets everywhere, not just outside, but under your own roof.