Something About the Stars: Book Six of the Coming Back to Cornwall series


Book six of this fantastic series sees Alice and Julie move on again in their lives, this time on different continents. Parenthood, teenage angst, the stresses and strains of running a business… all these things come into play while Alice and Sam try not to lose focus on their relationship.

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Looking after a baby must be easy. They can’t move, they can’t talk, or shout, or argue with you. Make sure they’re fed, clean, and have plenty of naps. Oh, and make sure you sleep when they do. What could be more simple?

For Alice, motherhood marks the beginning of a new part of her life, bringing changes she could never have foreseen.

While she and Sam adjust to the effect of a baby on their relationship, although the focus is initially on their new little boy it soon becomes apparent that it’s teenage Sophie who really needs some extra support.

She’s not the only one. Alice discovers her parents are struggling with their new lives, running the Sail Loft Hotel. She needs to find a way to help them but with a baby to look after, a business to run, and a family life to maintain – not to mention extreme sleep deprivation – easy is the last thing this is going to be.

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