The Art Of Flight Fredrik Sj?berg



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Although there is much in this world that is incomprehensible, you can nevertheless discover a meaning as long as you have managed to limit your field of search. Fredrik Sjoeberg – collector, romantic, explorer – spends his life tracing the smallest details of the natural world. In these two beautifully wrought tales he meditates on the joy of little things, childhood memories, long-forgotten Swedish entomologists, earthworms, wine-making, the National Parks of the United States, the richness of life and the strange paths it leads us on. Digressive, discursive and delightful Daily Telegraph A joy . . . Fredrik Sjoebergs best-selling memoir The Fly Trap marked him as a maestro of the episodic. Here, he completes a trilogy Nature Thoroughly entertaining, beguilingly uncategorizable … By his own admission Sjoeberg has a “butterfly mind” … What insures this approach against triviality is the authors patient alertness to pattern, to telling correspondence Nat Segnit, The Times Literary Supplement

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