The consequences of love


When Gavanndra Hodge was seven years old her world was a precarious place. Her father was a hairdresser and drug dealer to Chelsea’s most decadent inhabitants and her mother an alcoholic ex-model. It was up to Gavanndra to ensure that the cigarettes smouldering between the fingers of the aristocratic junkies passed out in her sitting room were extinguished so that she and her little sister Candy could sleep safely in their beds. But when Candy dies suddenly on holiday aged nine, Gavanndra’s family, already so fragile and damaged, implodes, and a teenage Gavanndra is left to rebuild her universe, piece by piece. And she does. The life she cultivates is a long way away from the chaos of her past. She becomes a mother, and works hard to give her own children the sort of secure and ordered childhood that she never had. But there is somebody missing in the happy ending she has created for herself.

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The dazzling days and dark nights of a Chelsea childhood . . .

‘Brilliant and moving’ The Times
‘Dazzling’ Evening Standard
‘Beautifully written’ Marian Keyes
‘Unflinchingly honest Sunday Times
‘Superbly written’ Guardian
‘A triumph’ i

Her father was a hairdresser to the rich and famous – he was also their drug dealer.

Her mother was an alcoholic fashion model.

Her days and nights were non-stop parties – she spent them taking care of her little sister and putting out naked flames.

And when her sister dies aged nine, Gavanndra is left alone with her grief. Growing up in the dazzling days and dark nights of her parents’ social lives, surviving means fitting into their dysfunctional world, while stopping the family from falling apart . . .

‘A redemptive tale of an emotional reckoning’ i

‘This story will stay with you long after you put the book down’ Emma Gannon

‘There are scenes that will reduce you to tears, but there’s also humour, forgiveness and uplifting optimism. By the end of this dazzling debut you just want to give her a huge cheer for coming through’ Evening Standard

‘A masterful writer with a gift for storytelling’ i

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