The Cosmic Year


When will Mercury or Venus be in retrograde this year? What are the traditional ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox and why? When is a good time for Aquarians to make big changes? A cosmic guide to the year ahead, this almanac includes important dates such as annual Earth and Solar festivals, eclipses, traditional Moon planting times and auspicious dates for ceremonies and celebrations. It also introduces the different astrological traditions, for example the Aztec Zodiac, Egyptian astrology, Celtic astrology and agricultural astrology. Featuring interpretation of the astrological movements for the month, for each of the 12 astro signs, and the 12 lunar signs, with journal prompts, easy self-care ceremonies and fascinating history and traditions explored, this book is the perfect gift for fans of the zodiac and users of apps such as Co Star and Pattern.

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Your total guide to the astrology of 2022, The Numinous Cosmic Year is part astro planner, part cosmic almanac. A guide to both the shifting astrological currents and the influence of the celestial bodies on our daily lives, this interactive monthly planner will unlock the language of astrology and help you map your path forwards and within.

As well as a complete astrological overview of what’s in store for 2022 and detailed instructions for how to use the book, discover what each month has in store for your sun sign, the key astrological dates for each month, which elements to work with, and journal prompts to ignite your inner journey. Flow with the waxing and waning of the moon, get ahead of each planet’s retrograde phase, and plan your year in accordance with the movements of the stars.

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