The Dennis Nilsen Tapes – Michael Morley


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In 1992, alongside forensic psychologist Paul Britton and an undercover police film crew, Michael Morley spent two days inside the high-security Vulnerable Prisoner Unit at Albany Prison on the Isle of Wight and subsequently became the only journalist ever to record and broadcast an interview with Dennis Nilsen. In what became front page news at the time, Morley overcame two eleventh hour government attempts (in the High Court and Court of Appeal) to stop ITV in the UK screening extracts of the Nilsen interview. Controversially, the Master of the Rolls ruled no more of the interrogation should ever be shown and the Home Office has never again allowed a serial killer to be interviewed for TV. ‘The Dennis Nilsen Tapes’ offers a never-before-seen account of Morley’s chilling two-year correspondence with the infamous Scottish serial killer.