The incredible and inspirational true story of one young mans struggle to find peace during war, and the power of music to bring hope to a desperate nation. Ahmad has created a moving and visceral account of conflict, hope and the power of music Hannah Beckerman, Observer ____________ One morning in war-torn Damascus, a starving man drags a piano into a rubbled street. Everything he once knew has been destroyed by war. Amidst ruin and despair, he begins to play. He plays of love and hope, he plays for his family and his fellow Syrians. He plays even though he could be killed for doing so. As word of his defiance spreads around the world, he becomes a beacon of hope and even resistance. Yet he fears for his wife and children – the more he plays, the more he and his family are endangered until, finally, he must make a terrible choice . . . Aeham Ahmads spellbinding and uplifting true story tells of the triumph of love and hope, the incredible bonds of family, and the healing power of music in even the very darkest of places. ___________ In amongst the wreckage scenes of hope. An amazing man – Ahmad played the piano just to spread love Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 An extraordinary, beautiful book about a man who in the midst of utter terror wheeled his piano in to the street and played for Yarmouk. He is amazing Nihal Arthanayake BBC 5 Live The music of Aeham Ahmad became a symbol of resistance Today, BBC Radio 4 So inspiring ITV News Aeham Ahmad is a talented and brave man of peace. Please read his book and pass it on to anyone who doesnt know or understand the plight of todays refugees Stanley Tucci BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week

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