The Ten Types of Human: A New Understanding of Who We Are, and Who We Can Be Dexter Dias


We all have ten types of human in our head.

They’re the people we become when we face life’s most difficult decisions.

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This book is the one. Think Sapiens and triple it. – Julia Hobsbawm, author of Fully Connected We all have ten types of human in our head. Theyre the people we become when we face lifes most difficult decisions. We want to believe there are things we would always do – or things we never would. But how can we be sure? What are our limits? Do we have limits? The Ten Types of Human is a pioneering examination of human nature. It looks at the best and worst that human beings are capable of, and asks why. It explores the frontiers of the human experience, uncovering the forces that shape our thoughts and actions in extreme situations. From courtrooms to civil wars, from Columbus to child soldiers, Dexter Dias takes us on a globe-spanning journey in search of answers, touching on the lives of some truly exceptional people. Combining cutting-edge neuroscience, social psychology and human rights research, The Ten Types of Human is a provocative map to our hidden selves. It provides a new understanding of who we are – and who we can be. I emerged from this book feeling better about almost everything… a mosaic of faces building into this extraordinary portrait of our species. – Guardian The Ten Types of Human is a fantastic piece of non-fiction, mixing astonishing real-life cases with the latest scientific research to provide a guide to who we really are. Its inspiring and essential. – Charles Duhigg Uplifting and indispensable. – Howard Cunnell What readers are saying about the most important book in years: utterly compelling…this one comes with a warning – only pick it up if you can risk not putting it down – Wendy Heydorn on Amazon, 5 stars one of the most remarkable books Ive read… I can genuinely say that it has changed the way I view the world – David Jones on Amazon, 5 stars Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the human condition… a thrilling and beautifully crafted book – Wasim on Amazon, 5 stars This is the most important book I have read in years – Natasha Geary on Amazon, 5 stars an important and fascinating read… It will keep you glued to the page – Hilary Burrage on Amazon, 5 stars a journey that I will never forget, will always be grateful for, and I hope will help me question who I am… a work of genius – Louise on Amazon, 5 stars This is a magnificent book that will capture the interest of every type of reader… one of those rare and special books that demand rereading – Amelia on Amazon, 5 stars I simply couldnt put it down… one of the most significant books of our time – Jocelyne Quennell on Amazon, 5 stars Read The Ten Types of Human and be prepared to fall in love – Helen Fospero on Amazon, 5 stars

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