The Ten Types of Human: A New Understanding of Who We Are, and Who We Can Be – Dexter Dias


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Why are we like this? Why do we do the things we do? What choice do we have? Who (or what) – in the end – does the choosing? This text will take you to 10 rooms. There you will meet 10 people. In a way, you already know them. Only you don’t – not really. They shape the most important decisions in your life. But you’re almost certainly unaware of their intervention. There are the 10 types of human. The 10 types of human are each adapted to meet a specific and serious survival threat. Not only are they the essence and instinct of the people you will meet in life, but they are also the people who populate your mind. They influence your most important decisions. But most of us don’t know much about them. Dexter Dias examines the decisions we make and the actions we take when we are forced into extreme situations, reduced to our instincts.