Treasure Quest Andrew Cope



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Spy Pups Treasure Quest by Andrew Cope is part of the awesome follow-on series to bestselling Spy Dogs! SPUD hes scatty and accident-prone – but good with the gadgets… STAR shes super-smart and ready to pounce . . . Together theyre SPY PUPS, following hot in the paw prints of mum, LARA (thats Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal to you). In their first mission, SPUD and STAR are staying at Aunt Aggies Smugglers Cottage, with its creaky floorboards, dark hidden tunnels – and an ancient castle with a legend of hidden gold nearby! Soon the Spy Pups are sniffing out an underground adventure – but can they reach the treasure in time? ***Fun, exciting books for boys and girls aged 7+*** We love Lara! **** – Kraze Club An imaginative, creative feast – Radio Times Andrew Cope was born in Derby in 1966. He is a teacher, writer and a huge fan of Derby County football club. He really does have a dog called Lara who has one sticky-up ear and came from the RSPCA, but hes not sure if she is actually a highly trained secret agent. Andrew lives with his wife and two children. This is his first book.