Virginia Woolf BBC Radio Drama Collection: Seven full-cast dramatisations Virginia Woolf



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The collected BBC radio adaptations of Virginia Woolfs pioneering modernist novels The Voyage Out A sea voyage to South America turns into a journey of self-discovery for naive Rachel Vinrace. Night and Day In pre-First World War London, aristocrat Katharine Hilbery and suffragette Mary Datchet have their assumptions about love challenged. Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolfs masterpiece charts one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, as she prepares to host an important party. To the Lighthouse Centring around a summer home on Skye, Virginia Woolfs landmark tale follows the Ramsay family and their guests before and after World War I. Orlando The adventures of time-travelling, gender-swapping poet Orlando, who is born male in Elizabethan England and dies female over 300 years later. The Waves In this radical play-poem, six characters look back on their childhood and first forays into adulthood, and reflect on the loss of their friend Percival. Between the Acts An eccentric artist devises a pageant celebrating English history – but it is 1939, and the shadow of war hangs over Englands present. Among the stars of these seven poignant, penetrating dramatisations are Bertie Carvel, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Dervla Kirwan, John Lynch, Geraldine James, Anna Massey and Don Warrington.

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