What Could Possibly Go Wrong… Jeremy Clarkson



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What Could Possibly Go Wrong… is the eighth book in Jeremy Clarksons bestselling Clarkson on Cars series. Theres nothing quite like messing about on four wheels. In fact, theres no better way to contemplate the madness of the world than from the drivers seat of something which is zooming by very fast indeed. Or so Jeremy Clarkson believes. For hes been pondering some really rather important matters, such as why: – God has a streak of German perfectionism – Crab spread beats Heston Blumenthals rhubarb mousse – Monacos billionaires are ruining the Grand Prix – The back of a dog tastes nicer than marzipan Someones got to. And while a full tank and the open road might not quite reveal the meaning of life, theres certainly some fun to be had along the way . . . Brilliant . . . laugh-out-loud Daily Telegraph Very funny . . . I cracked up laughing on the tube Evening Standard Outrageously funny . . . will have you in stitches Time Out