When Plants Took Over the Planet


This beautifully illustrated book follows the amazing story of plant evolution, from the first plants arriving on a dark and lifeless planet to the colourful – often weird and wonderful – world of today’s varied and vibrant plant life. 

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Discover the incredible story of how plant life grew to cover the surface of planet Earth, from long before human life existed up to the present day.
This large-format, highly illustrated book will guide readers through the key aspects of the life of plants, from early ferns which were most certainly munched on by dinosaurs, to carnivorous plants that snap and ‘attack’ their prey, or powerful medicinal plants that can heal ailments and boost health.
Mysterious and wonderful plants and trees are explored through the diverse habitats they’re found in, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Sahara Desert, and through the animals found living on them or amongst them.
This book also explores how humans use – and abuse – our precious plants, and how reliant we all are on the survival of our planet’s network of botanical life. 
When Plants Took Over the Planet is the latest in the Incredible Evolution series, a beautifully illustrated set of books rich with facts about how life developed on the planet.
Discover incredible stories of ancient species in When the Whales Walked, and explore the ancestry of the human race in When We Became Humans.

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