Winds of Fortune E. V. Thompson



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Set in Cornwall in the early part of the 19th Century. Thomasina is determined to make more of her life than just to be a maid – even more so when she is raped by Sir Henrys nephew in the house she works in. She runs off with sweetheart Jeffrey and they live for a while as highwaymen, firstly in Mevagissey and surrounding areas, then Bristol. They make a lot of money and are thinking of retiring when Jeffrey is caught – and hung. Thomasina then goes to sea and has further adventures, dressed as a boy. She meets and falls in love with Abel and, in due course, spends her highwayman money on a boat which she ensures, anonymously, Abel is made captain of. Thomasina knows that Abel is the man for her – she just has to get Abel to know that he is in love with her…

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