Now in spectacular full colour throughout, a special 10th anniversary edition of the internationally bestselling journal that started it all–with more than 7 million copies sold! Perhaps youre a seasoned Wreck-er, having made your way through one or more copies of Wreck This Journal. Or maybe youre new to the phenomenon (little do you know, this experience might just change your life). Whatever the case, youve found the perfect book to inflict damage on… The revolution is now in colour. Why colour? Because its dangerous. And if it isnt dangerous, then it isnt worth doing. You are hereby challenged to now try everything youve never done with colour. Everything. Mixing, ripping, spewing, streaming, hurling, blowing up, throwing, dropping, exploding. Welcome to an all new-edition of Wreck This Journal, now in spectacular full colour! With a mix of new, altered, and favourite prompts, Wreck This Journal: Now in Colour invites you to destroy with colour. What colours will you use to &*%$ it up?

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