Recommended reads

A book everyone needs!

A book everyone needs! 220 281 ST IVES BOOKSELLER

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy Beautiful illustrations alongside thought-provoking quotes and inspirations.

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Great writing, Great reading

Great writing, Great reading 220 337 ST IVES BOOKSELLER

As the title says really! A selection of titles our booksellers think are just really well written.

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Cornish picture books

Cornish picture books 220 285 ST IVES BOOKSELLER

We are very lucky to have some wonderful children’s picture books set locally. If you live in Cornwall or just want to introduce a child to our beautiful county be…

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Uplifting Non-Fiction

Uplifting Non-Fiction 220 337 ST IVES BOOKSELLER

Some of our favourite non-fiction reads take the form of memoirs, exploring inspiring life stories and the experiences and pursuits that can change a person’s life.

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