Ash glazes


This guide first sketches the history of ash glazes. It then discusses the practicalities of collecting and testing wood ashes, how to make them into glazes and then use them to glaze your pots. It also looks at a group of international artists who use ash glazes on their work.

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Fully updated and revised, with new photographs and glaze recipes, this is the third edition of this classic guide to ash glazes.Forever curious and eager to learn new things about ceramics, Phil Rogers constantly tinkered with clay bodies, glaze formulae and approaches to firing. This volume is his seminal work on transforming ash into glaze: an essential text for all potters and ceramicists with additional relevance today with its focus on prioritising the use of natural resources.Ash Glazes examines the practicalities of collecting and testing wood ashes, demonstrates the process of making them into glazes and offers a step-by-step guide to using them to decorate your pots.This edition, updated and revised by Hajeong Lee Rogers, is a celebration of pottery at its best. Starting with an introduction to the history of ash glazes, then moving on to a wide range of practical advice and methods, the book is enlivened by photographs of the work of potters from around the world, who use ash in colourful and imaginative ways. It provides true inspiration for working potters and delight for all those interested in contemporary ceramics.

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