Events 2024

The Beacon Bike with Ed Peppitt

Thursday 23rd May, 6.30pm

Porthmeor Studios

Tickets £5

Come and hear the incredible story of a 3,500-mile cycle ride to explore the onshore and offshore lighthouses around the coastline of England and Wales, proving that a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t mean giving up on a lifelong dream. 

It is the inspirational tale of one man’s quest to fulfil the promise he made to himself as a small child, nestled in the bed of an attic room while the glow of Dungeness lighthouse flashed past his window – a comforting, ever-present companion. It is also a loving tribute to the coast; not only its beautiful landscape, but also the communities that make it so special.

It celebrates the generosity of spirit found in people around the country, as well as the history of the iconic lights that brighten their world. This journey is a testament to the joy of life’s simple pleasures. 

Refreshments available.

‘Fantastical Cornish Landscapes: Cornwall as Inspiration for New Worlds’ – Authors Sophie Keetch and Zulekha A. Afzal in Conversation

Thursday 13th June, 7pm

St Ia Church on the Green

Tickets £6

Join us for an evening with 2 authors as they discuss their latest books and how the Cornish landscape has provided inspiration for both.

Welsh author Sophie Keetch’s debut novel begins a spellbinding trilogy reframing the life of a misunderstood figure from mythology: Morgan le Fay. Born in the midst of a storm, Morgan is defiant, fiercely intelligent, and yearns to shape her future on her own terms. When the tyrant King Uther Pendragon marries her mother, her world is thrown upside down. Intimately linked to the sea- lapped Cornish landscape but soon to be torn from it against her will, Morgan has not only a dangerous path ahead, but also an extraordinary healing power yet to be understood.

Zulekhá A. Afzal was born and raised in Cornwall. Dancers of the Dawn is the first in a YA duology inspired by the author’s mixed cultural heritage. Deep in the desert, under a blazing sun, an elite troupe of female dancers are trained to harness their magic. They are Queen Sana’s most formidable weapons. Aasira has one of the rarest forms of magic – for she is a flame-wielder. Both feared and envied, she must use her power to execute enemies of the crown. On the eve of her graduation, all Aasira wants is to serve her queen and escape the legacy of her infamous mother: a traitor to her country. But as war looms on the horizon and secrets stir in the shifting dunes, she begins to question whether she was really born to kill…

Join us at St Ia Church on the Green to side of the building. The Cafe will be open to serve refreshments. If the weather is inclement we will be in the Church.