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The true-life story of women’s experiences in the ‘Wild West’ is more gripping, more heart-rending, and more stirring than all the movies, novels, folk-legends and ballads that popular imagination has been able to create. Whether they were the hard-drinking hard-living poker players and prostitutes of the new boom towns, ‘ordinary’ wives and mothers walking two thousand miles across the prairies pulling their handcarts behind them, Chinese slave-brides working in laundries, or the Native American women displaced by the mass migration of the ‘whites’ to their lands, all have one trait in common: that of extreme resilience and courage in the face of the unknown. Reading the extraordinary accounts they have left behind them, their experiences seem as strange to us today as it must have been to have lived through them, perhaps even stranger.

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The epic story of the transformation of the American west, as seen through the eyes of the women who were there

‘This book is a triumph’ AMANDA FOREMAN

‘Absolutely compelling’ CHRISTINA LAMB

‘A blazing view of the American story’ BETTANY HUGHES

‘Gripping, eye-opening’ EMMA DONOGHUE

‘Richly evocative… the survivors were heroines, all of them’ YSENDA MAXTONE GRAHAM

‘Beautifully written’ CLOVER STROUD

Hard-drinking, hard-living poker players and prostitutes of the new boom towns; wives and mothers travelling two and a half thousand miles across the prairies in covered-wagon convoys; African American women in search of freedom from slavery; Chinese sex-workers sold openly on the docks of San Francisco; Native American women brutally displaced by the unstoppable tide of white settlers – all had to be brave-hearted women.

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