Hollow – B. Catling


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From the author of the ‘Vorrh Trilogy’ comes an epic odyssey following a group of mercenaries hired to deliver a church’s ultimate power – a sacred oracle – as the decadence of carnival gives way to the gravity of lent and the mystic landscape grows ravenous. Sheltering beneath Das Kagel, the cloud-scraping structure rumoured to be the Tower of Babel, the sacred Monastery of the Eastern Gate descends into bedlam. Their ancient oracle, Quite Testiyont – whose prophesies helped protect the church – has died, leaving the monks vulnerable to the war raging between the living and the dead. Tasked by the High Church to deliver a new oracle, Barry Follett and his group of hired mercenaries are forced to confront wicked giants and dangerous sirens on their mission, keeping the divine creature alive by feeding it marrow and confessing their darkest sins.