Lady Whistledown strikes back


A collection of romantic stories narrated by the fictional Lady Whistledown, including the tale of Charlotte Birling, who finds herself being courted in secrecy by the notorious Lord Matson.

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? An irresistible treat for Bridgerton fans! ?

Join the Bridgertons, and the rest of the ton, as they pore over (and gossip about) Lady Whistledown’s latest musings. The elusive Regency-era gossip columnist – popularized in No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels, now a series created by Shondaland for Netflix – reveals society’s most recent secrets in this glittering anthology!

Who Stole Lady Neeley’s Bracelet?

Was it the fortune hunter, the gambler, the servant or the rogue? All of London is abuzz with speculation, but it is clear that one of four couples is connected to the crime . . .
Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, May 1816

Julia Quinn enchants: A dashing fortune hunter is captivated by the Season’s most desired debutante . . . and must prove he is out to steal the lady’s heart, not her dowry.

Suzanne Enoch tantalizes: An innocent miss who has spent her life scrupulously avoiding scandal is suddenly – and secretly – courted by London’s most notorious rogue.

Karen Hawkins seduces: A roving viscount comes home to rekindle the passionate fires of his marriage . . . only to discover that his beautiful, headstrong bride will not be so easily won.

Mia Ryan delights: A lovely, free-spirited servant is dazzled by the romantic attentions of a charming earl . . . sparking a scandalous affair that could ruin them both.

You’ll hear it first from Lady Whistledown!

‘If you enjoyed the snippets of gossip from Lady W in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series then you are in for a treat’
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