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Reflective Perspectives:

It’s difficult to define the books I would put on my ‘favourite’ bookshelf shelfie, but I have found that they all happen to be by women authors and they all happen to be American.  The action tends to revolve around the characters and their relationships to each other.  I like simple stories that have been told well, sometimes short and concise like Elizabeth Strout or sprawling epics like Barbara Kingsolver.  

Family life, comic and/or tragic, is the primary theme.  Since I also have a hankering for a good crime novel, a book with a sudden twist or unexpected turn also grabs me, as well as a tragedy that can sometimes be hard in topic but beautifully written.  The characters can be complicated, and not always admirable but usually one can find something in them that is reflected in ourselves.

Choose your first book from:

The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver
My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

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Finding a book that fits your exact reading taste or mood is one of the best feelings for a book lover— second only to finding another book lover who has the same reading taste as you! 

Now if only you could condense that feeling into a monthly book subscription…


One of our strengths at St Ives Bookseller is how different we all are, and whilst there are titles we all enjoy we each tend to stray into very different niches.  The joy of this means that between us we can usually find the right book for almost any reader, but it’s particularly fun when we get to recommend within our wheelhouse and share the books that we are especially excited about.  With all that in mind, we have joined with our sister shops in Falmouth & Padstow to create Bookseller’s Bookshelf!


What it is:

Bookseller’s Bookshelf is a new subscription service that will allow you to sign up based on a particular bookseller’s ‘shelf’. Upon signing up you will be offered the choice of three titles for the first month (or we’ll pick randomly for you), and then it will be a monthly surprise. Sometimes these titles will be new releases, but often they will be older books that we want to give a chance to shine.

Each of us has spent some time considering how to define our individual reading tastes. Our personal categories have been curated to include the themes that we naturally gravitate towards and the stories that stick out as the epitome of our little niche. Hopefully you’ll find a bookish kindred spirit in one of us, and we can share our most-loved reads with you.

We’ll also be offering a Top Shelf Only option, which means we’ll randomly choose one of our books for you each month instead of sticking to the same bookseller’s shelf for the duration of your subscription. If you’d like a specific starting book from the options we’ve laid out in each category then just let us know – otherwise we’ll pick that randomly too!

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How it works:

– Take a look at how we have each defined our personal bookshelves
– Choose the bookseller who’s taste most aligns with your reading preferences
– Pick your starting title (or we’ll choose for you)
– Choose your subscription length, payment option, and postage option
– Prepare your TBR pile for some fabulous mystery books!


Subscription length

Choose from a three, six, or twelve month subscription

Payment options

Pay upfront – purchase your chosen length of subscription in one upfront payment

Pay monthly – purchase your first month now, and we’ll send invoices over for any subsequent months. There will be a 50p additional service charge for monthly payments

Postage options

Collection from the shop – Free! We’ll email you when your book is ready to collect

UK postage – +£3.30 per month



What will I be getting in each box?
Each month we will send you a paperback book from the category you’ve selected. We’ll parcel it up with a note from the bookseller who has chosen it to explain why they think you’ll love it!

When will I receive my books?
We’ll post all of the books in the second week of each month, same as our book of the month subscription service. If you’ve opted for collection, we’ll send out an email to let you know when your books are ready.

What happens if I’ve already read the book?
We realise that offering a subscription with both older and newer titles means that we run the risk of sending you duplicates. If this happens we’re happy to offer our usual exchange policy. Just get in touch or pop into the shop and you’ll be able to exchange the book for something of a similar price of your choosing, or another mystery pick.

Cancellation policy
We understand that sometimes cancellations are necessary, but ask that you let us know before the end of the month (i.e., please get in touch before 31st August if you wish to cancel from September). There may be a small cancellation fee to cover service costs.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch:

Additional information

Pick your first book

The Lacuna (+£11), My Name Is Lucy Barton (+£11), Everything I Never Told You (+£11), Choose for me (+£11)

Subscription length

Three months, Six months, Twelve months

Postage method

Collection (free), Posted (+£3.30 per month)

Payment method

Pay upfront, Pay monthly (+50p)