Summer at the Cornish farmhouse


When Jess Newman’s husband, Ben, falls out of love with her, it’s time to reinvent herself. A year later, after an uncharacteristic leap of faith, she is raising her eight-year-old daughter alone while turning the beautiful Cornish farmhouse her grandad left her into a business. It’s the fresh start she needed, but between learning how to lay gravel and making ends meet, it’s not quite everything she hoped it would be. Jess is determined to never need anyone ever again, even if handsome contractor Riley is always around to offer a hand – but if she is brave enough to let someone in, could one summer change everything?

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From the bestselling author of Christmas at The Highland Flower Shop writing as Lucy Coleman, comes a brand new series set in a Cornish Farmhouse.When Jess Newman married the love of her life Ben she was sure they had what it took to stay together forever. So when Ben falls out of love with her only to promptly fall in the arms of new girlfriend, Naomi, she really doesn’t know how to come to terms with their divorce.Thankfully Jess’s granddad, Gabe, has the perfect place for Jess and her eight-year-old daughter Lola to start afresh when he hands them the keys to his holiday home in Cornwall, a beautiful albeit rundown farmhouse – the fresh countryside air, the saffron buns and the seaside breeze might just be what the doctor ordered but soon it’s clear this fresh start includes a whole new set of complications…

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