The Secret History of the Mongols


Born a poor nomad in an unforgiving world, Chinggis (or Genghis) Khan transformed the 13th century, ultimately ruling an empire that would stretch from Korea to Crimea and Syria to Siberia. Much of what we know about Chinggis comes from the horrified comments of foreign chroniclers, but there is one exceptional and authentic source: ‘The Secret History of the Mongols’, written after Chinggis’s death to be read exclusively by the Mongolian imperial family (hence ‘secret’ to all other readers). This translation gives an unparalleled insight into one of the transformative moments in world history and a society where unchecked swagger, menace, and ambition lay side by side with unexpected tenderness and vulnerability.

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A new translation of a great historical epic, recounting the turbulent life and times of Chinggis Khan

‘Bear the sword and
Hew asunder high and haughty necks
Slash apart all strong and self-willed shoulders’

Born poor into a world of dangers and hardships, Chinggis (or Genghis) Khan would grow up to unify Mongolia and conquer a vast empire stretching from modern-day Beijing to Baghdad. The Secret History of the Mongols, written after Chinggis’s death in the thirteenth century, is a great historical saga recounting not only his turbulent life and times, but that of his loved ones, ancestors and heirs. This remarkable new translation of the earliest surviving work written in Mongolian gives insight into a world of warlords, kinship, horses, yurts, shamans and vast landscapes, where bloody battles and violent family conflicts are impelled by Heaven’s destiny.

Translated with an introduction by Christopher P. Atwood

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