The white rock


It’s 2020 and an Englishwoman is journeying with her husband and young daughter to the white rock off the coast of Mexico, to give thanks for the birth of their child, even as her faith in her marriage – and the future itself – is unravelling. It is 1969 and a singer, on the run from the law, from his rabid fans and from an America burning with the fever of the Vietnam War, washes up in a hotel at the edge of Mexico, hoping to lose – and maybe find – himself. In the first years of the twentieth century, a girl and her sister are torn from their homeland and taken by force to the coast. As their future is recast in the name of progress, she turns to the stories of her people to keep them alive. And in 1775 a young Lieutenant of the Spanish line, preparing to set sail from the White Rock to continue the conquest of the Pacific coast, appears to lose his grip on reality, with far-reaching consequences.

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A minibus journeys through rural Mexico. Inside it are twelve strangers on a pilgrimage to the White Rock, which stands, ancient and sacred, off the Pacific coast. Like many before them, over centuries and from across continents, they find themselves irresistibly drawn here, for answers, to give thanks, to seek protection.

One of them is a writer. She is travelling with her husband and young daughter, as her faith in her marriage, and the future itself, is foundering. She has come to the White Rock in the hope of excavating a beginning from the rubble of many different endings.

Here she will find the echoes of many stories: of conquest and resistance, of betrayal and belief, of the many different forms of violence and love. Stories that have already unravelled, and stories that might yet illuminate a passage through these uncertain times …

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