The wilderness cure


Overwhelmed by consumerism on Black Friday 2020, Mo Wilde made a quiet yet radical pledge: to eat only wild and foraged food for an entire year. ‘The Wilderness Cure’ is her diary of that experience. Set against the backdrop of climate change, Brexit and the impending recession, this is a diary of a wild experiment; a timely, important and inspiring memoir which is a love letter to the natural world.

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Winner of the John Avery Award at the André Simon Awards 2022

‘A triumph’ The TLS

‘This special and magical book has changed the way I see the world’ Dan Saladino

‘Inspiration and delight sparkle from every page ? This book [is] a revelation of joy to the general reader for whom wild food is another country’ John Wright, author of the River Cottage handbooks
A captivating and lyrical journey into our ancestral past, through what and how we eat.

Mo Wilde made a quiet but radical pledge: to live only off free, foraged food for an entire year. In a world disconnected from its roots, eating wild food is both culinary and healing, social and political. Ultimately, it is an act of love and community. Using her expert knowledge of botany and mycology, Mo follows the seasons to find nutritious food from hundreds of species of plants, fungi and seaweeds, and in the process learns not just how to survive, but how to thrive. Nourishing her body and mind deepens her connection with the earth – a connection that we have become estranged from but which we all, deep down, hunger for.

This hunger is about much more than food. It is about accepting and understanding our place in a natural network that is both staggeringly complex and beautifully simple. THE WILDERNESS CURE is a diary of a wild experiment; a timely and inspiring memoir which explores a deeper relationship between humans and nature, and reminds us of the important lost lessons from our past.

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