THE TRUE CRIME BOOK OF THE YEAR AND SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER One of the most fascinating books I have read in a long time. Engrossing, a haunting page-turner. A book I could not put down The Times, BOOKS OF THE YEAR __________ Meet the forensic pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd. He solves the mysteries of unexplained or sudden death. He has performed over 23,000 autopsies, including some of the most high-profile cases of recent times; the Hungerford Massacre, the Princess Diana inquiry, and 9/11. He has faced serial killers, natural disaster, perfect murders and freak accidents. His evidence has put killers behind bars, freed the innocent, and turned open-and-shut cases on their heads. Yet all this has come at a huge personal cost. Unnatural Causes tells the story of not only the cases and bodies that have haunted him the most, but also how to live a life steeped in death. Thoughtful, revealing, chilling and always unputdownable, if you liked All That Remains, War Doctor and This is Going to Hurt youll love this. __________ Included in The Times Books of the Year 2018 Gripping, grimly fascinating, and I suspect Ill read it at least twice Evening Standard A deeply mesmerising memoir of forensic pathology. Human and fascinating Nigella Lawson An absolutely brilliant book. I really recommend it, I dont often say that but its fascinating Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 Puts the reader at his elbow as he wields the scalpel Guardian Fascinating, gruesome yet engrossing Richard and Judy, Daily Express Fascinating, insightful, candid, compassionate Observer

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