Wings of glory


It’s 1940, and the world is at war. Linus, a swift, has always dreamed of flying with the Royal Bird Force and making a name for himself as a squadron leader. So when he and his sister, Ava, have the opportunity to volunteer, he jumps at the chance. But it’s a dangerous journey, and Ava goes missing before they manage to reach the airfield for training. Now, Linus has two missions: help the war effort and find his sister.Linus will face bomber planes, arrogant falcons, and a spy who’s determined to take him down. He is brave and fast and kind – but can Linus prove that helping win the war is more about the size of your heart than the size of your wings?

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Can one tiny bird help to win a world war? Wings of Glory is a funny action-adventure story with a feathery twist, from the bestselling children’s author of Toto the Ninja Cat, Dermot O’Leary, with glorious illustrations throughout by Claire Powell.

Our mission is simple: to thwart enemy planes by any means, be they beak, claw, or poo . . . in poo we trust!

It’s 1940, and world is at war. The Royal Bird Force has been drafted in to help save the day, but there’s a spy in their ranks who is determined to take them down.

Can the new recruit, Linus, uncover the traitor, find his missing sister and help to win the war?

Featuring courageous loop-the-loops, top secret plans and more than a smattering of bird poo, this wartime tail will make you laugh and cry – and maybe teach you a thing or two as well.

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