Le Fay by Sophie Keetch – £16.99

Published 18th July 2024

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The second instalment in the feminist retelling of the story of the formidable and misunderstood villainess Morgan Le Fay, nemesis of the sorcerer Merlin. ‘Keetch is a masterful storyteller who strikes the perfect balance between the intimate and the epic. Le Fay is truly a story to savour.’ Rosie Talbot, author of Sixteen Souls ‘They should fear me, the power I possessed, and the bright, ravenous rage that now fuelled my every breath… Even I did not know what I was capable of. ’Lady Morgan surveys her life at Camelot: she is safe, valued for her intelligence, and has the love and respect of her brother King Arthur, despite a growing conflict with Queen Guinevere.  It’s not enough. For, between the strict rules of court, a vengeful husband determined to snatch their son away, and a jealous rival in sorcerer Merlin, Morgan desires freedom.

And when a face from her past arrives, igniting old memories and new desires, the future she is planning becomes fraught with danger. Morgan must break the shackles of expectation to seek true happiness. In doing so, she discovers dark new powers that promise control of her life is within reach. But it’s at the risk of destroying everything… 

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Le Fay by Sophie Keetch £16.99 plus postage