The seawomen


Esta has known nothing but Eden’s Isle her whole life. Raised by her grandmother, after a fire claimed her parents and scarred her face as a child, Esta faces a life of piety and dread, bound to a religious society who cut themselves off from the mainland in the name of salvation. The island is governed by a fear of the outside world and the corrupting evil, lurking deep in the water known as the Seawomen. They fear the water, and the only way to remain virtuous is never to enter the sea, to follow God’s word. Women on the island are controlled, married off and must conceive a child within the 12 months of their appointed motheryear. If she doesn’t bear a child in that year, she is marked as cursed, and cast back into the sea as a sacrifice, in an act called the Untethering. When Esta witnesses a woman Untethered before her eyes she sees a future to fear.

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‘An allegorical love story with echoes of fairytales’ KATE SAWYER
‘A gripping tale of love and bravery’ SOPHIE WARD
‘Unsettling and lushly written’ KIRSTY LOGAN
‘A powerful, enchanting novel’ ANNA BAILEY
‘Mesmerising and moving’ SUSANNAH WISE
‘Dive in and don’t look back’ ZOE GILBERT
‘Raw and beautiful’ CAROLINE LEA

They say wickedness lies in the sea.

Esta knows the fate that awaits her. On the isle of Eden, there is only one path for a woman: a loveless marriage and motherhood. Anyone who disobeys or fails to conceive will be cast into the sea, the place they fear the most.

But is the real wickedness hiding in the men who rule?

Esta doesn’t dare to dream of another life, until one day, danger forces her beyond the shallows. When the water pulls her under, she discovers a different reality – and an unexpected kindness – hiding there.
As she tastes freedom for the first time, the insular world Esta has always known begins to unravel…

The Seawomen is a fiercely written and timely feminist novel, at once gothic, fantastical and truly unforgettable, for fans of Margaret Atwood and Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

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